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বাংলা / Bangla 

COVID19 Vaccine Discussion (in Bangla) w/ Dr. Fahim Tazwar & Dr. Sultan Ripon, moderated by MD Taher
Center for the Study of Asian American Health

COVID19 Vaccine Discussion (in Bangla) w/ Dr. Fahim Tazwar & Dr. Sultan Ripon, moderated by MD Taher

Vaccine discussion with Bangladeshi-American doctors, Dr. Fahim Tazwar & Dr. Sultan Ripon moderated by NYU CSAAH's MD Taher. In this discussion, Drs. Tazwar and Ripon answer COVID-19 vaccine related questions in Bangla for the Bangladeshi community. Please see below for specific questions and timestamps: 00:00 - Introductions 03:37 - In easy words, please tell us briefly about the background of COVID-19 Vaccine. What are vaccines made of? How do they work? 10:12 - Is the vaccine safe? I’ve heard that some people feel side effects from taking the vaccine. What are some common side effects we can expect? How was your experience when you took the vaccine? 20:35 - Tell us about different authorized vaccines—MODERNA, PFIZER etc. Which one is better? What is the intervals between 1st dose and 2nd dose? 22:49 - How long does the protection last? How often do I need to take the vaccine? 26:05 - I’ve already had COVID and/or been exposed to it. Do I still need to take the vaccine? 28:31 – A colleague of my shared that he had taken another vaccine. Due to that, he was not able to get the COVID vaccine and the doctor asked him to wait another 14 days. Is this true? 30:03 - If I get vaccinated, will I still be positive for COVID-19? And if I get vaccinated, can I still be carrying the COVID-19 virus and can I affect my family members? 34:13 - Those who are antibody positive, will they still have to get the COVID-19 vaccine? 37:48 – Poll Questions 45:50 – I’m scared to go to the doctor’s office/hospitals. Is it safe to go to these places to get a vaccine? 50:26 – Is the vaccine halal or not? 54:34 – I’m not worried about getting COVID—whatever is God’s will, will be. What do you have to say about this? Q&A Session 59:34 – Can you tell us a little bit about the COVID mutation? 1:03:09 – Can you tell us about the long-term effects of the vaccine? 1:06:48 – The mRNA used in the vaccine, what is it exactly and what are they extracting it from? 1:09:55 – When we inform our seniors, their first question is that they have chronic health conditions and are not comfortable with taking the vaccine. What should we do to help inform our seniors to take the vaccine?

廣東話 / 广东话 / Cantonese