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Researchers who study Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities are held back by gatekeepers who downplay social inequities that affect AAPIs and dismiss studying them. Without funding, there are fewer research, thus continously ommitting AAPI communities in scholary work.

Research on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Is Being Stifled - Scientific American


Asian American Subgroups And The COVID-19 Experience: What We Know And Still Don’t Know.

Published by our partner, the NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health (CSAAH)

How Asians Became the Most Vaccinated Group in New York City

Research into Asian American health doesn't always reflect their diversity

Who's being left behind? 13 Investigates why some were 'forgotten' in vaccine efforts

What it means to be an Asian American and Pacific Islander woman

How Native Hawaiians And Pacific Islanders Are Fighting To Be Seen During The Pandemic

Joseph Seia, of the Pacific Islander Community Association in Washington state, describes what it's like to fight for the Pasifika people, one of the highest-risk groups in the coronavirus pandemic.

Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (KCS

Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (KCS) has been providing a range of services to support the Korean community in NYC during the pandemic. This has included preparing hot, culturally competent meals to older Korean adults, offering free, mobile COVID-19 testing around the community and PPE distribution at local sites. More recently, KCS has been collaborating with local city and state health services to provide COVID-19 vaccinations and pop-up clinic services.

‘Without data, there’s no equity’: Deficient Asian American COVID-19 data masked community-wide disparities

A story published and aired as a short radio story on WHYY (NPR affiliate station) on Asian American data deficiencies featuring our work at NYU CSAAH and other NYC researchers.

Orange Country Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance

OCAPICA has been collaborating with a range of local community and state partners as part of an Asian Pacific Islander Taskforce to support COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and information and resource- sharing with the API community in Orange County, CA. They have also hosted food and PPE distribution events at local Asian American and Pacific Islander community sites (grocery stores, faith-based sites, etc.). OCAPICA has hosted pop-up vaccine clinic events to support Orange County’s AAPI residents and elders over the past several weeks. This work has included local partnerships with local AAPI-owned businesses and community organizations to provide food and other resources to the community.

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